There are many benefits of real estate appraisals. This includes commercial investment appraisals. One may wonder is their is need for property appraisal.


property appraisal

When selling commercial real estate properties, it is expected that the owner of the property will be biased. They will tend to value their property higher than the actual cost. This bias also extends to the real estate agent who helped in setting up the sale price. The higher the price during its sale, the higher their commission earned. An over-priced home might, unfortunately, stay in the market for quite a while. Alternatively, a property whose price has been set too low might suffer significant financial losses when sold. Such scenarios arise when the owners lack proper financial knowledge. To sidestep such situations it’s always best to consider hiring a commercial real estate agent. For a fact, the appraiser will not have any interest tagged to the property. As a result, they will estimate a certain selling price based on market support.

Estate planning

Often challenges arise during estate settlement, particularly where it involves the relatives of the deceased. Nevertheless, most properties require the valuation of a competent real estate appraiser. The time at which the property was inspected in far different from the time of death. Usually, a forensic appraisal has to be conducted to determine its fair market value. At this point, the appraiser must be an individual who is competent and has the right qualifications to conduct it. The appraisal can be carried out for the estate beneficiaries, trust administrators, executors, accountants, attorneys, corporations, court-appointed receivers, among several other parties.

Tax-related disputes

The volatility of the real estate market can be witnessed by the rapid price fluctuations. This might result in incorrect assessments arrived at by the governing authorities. The worst case scenario you might end up with a higher tax bill than it really ought to be. At this point, an owner is at liberty to file for an assessment repeal where a reliable local appraiser is contacted. Where there is no proof or lower assessments, the property owners might experience a reduction in their taxes.

Underwriting mortgage

It is ill-advised to make real estate purchases using borrowed capital or refinancing existing loans. At this point, the lender will need to have their own appraisal. Every lender will want to be certain they can dispose of the property to offset the remaining part of the loan amount in the event the borrower is unable to clear their balance.


Before insurance companies agree to offer coverage, they need to have an insurable value appraisal on the cost of the property. During the cost estimation phase, only the insurable parts of the property are included in the valuation. Areas mostly excluded are basements, site improvements and, underlying land, etc.


property acquisationWhen buying new real estate, every buyer tries to get the best deal they can possibly get. Before the negotiation, it would be prudent for the buyer to get an appraisal confidentially. Information of the home value must not fall into the hands of the seller. That way they can negotiate knowing they will not pay more than its real market price.…


Deciding to be with someone for the rest of your life, sharing everything, raising a child, and being a partner forever are not as easy as they sound. There are a lot of things that can happen and no couple is immune to problems in a marriage. Sometimes, the issues are even more significant than you thought, which make the word divorce be something that you said or you heard from your partner. The process of separation does not always have to be as ugly as they say because mediation is an option that is available for you to choose.

Save a lot of money

moneyLook up for how expensive a battle in court can be and that should be enough reason for you to consider going through mediation instead. You should know better that you need all the money that you can have to rebuild your life, get a new place, get a car of your own, and many other things. Be wise and give mediation a try because honestly there are a lot of benefits of mediation that can help you make the divorce process more comfortable.

Make the process quicker

Because you do not need to go back and forth in the court with your lawyer, things will be quicker, and the divorce process will be over soon which is what everyone wants. You do not need to sacrifice your time for that if you can opt for something that lets you get off the hook as soon as possible.

Have less stress

A third party will be there to help you and your soon to be ex-husband or wife to negotiate the term of the agreement that you will have. It is a better environment to talk about what you want and to get to get to know what the other person wishes for, rather than in a court where you are ready to debate and come up with arguments which can cause a lot of stress. Treat yourself better and do not put any extra pressure on yourself because the divorce alone is already a hard experience to go through.

Come to a fair agreement for everyone

paperIn a court, both parties will want a result that is going to benefit them the most, and this is a possibility of your loss. Why not come on terms with something that can help both without having to be aggressive towards each other? Surely, you want the best for your children and your future financially, and mediation can make that come true.…