The job market has become very competitive especially with the rise of globalization that has turned the world into a global village. It has thus become important for individuals to develop capabilities that increase their competitive advantages in the professional environment. One of the most lucrative and highly competitive careers is law, and few people manage to establish thriving practices in this profession.

To become a good lawyer, it is important to undergo learning and training at an excellent institution that can make a law graduate more competitive in the job environment. These are some of the qualities of a good law school.

What makes a great law school?

Duly Accredited


Accreditation means that a law school is officially authorized to offer specific courses. An accredited law school has tutors with the right qualification and, therefore, can ensure that students receive the best type of learning and training. Some of the facilities available in an accredited law school include a well-equipped library, sufficient learning venues as well as moot courts where students can gain experience on how to argue cases in a court of law. An accredited law school also carries with it a good reputation in that employers prefer to hire graduates with diplomas from recognized institutions.

Good Internship Programs

A good law school should also have a well-defined internship program that makes it easier for students to join the professional environment and gain some valuable experience. It is often difficult for students to find reputable firms to intern in but with the assistance of the law school, they can be taken in by law firms and meet the internship requirements of their course.

An active Alumni Network

One of the essential qualities of a good law school is an active alumni network. An alumni network can be very instrumental in helping graduates find jobs. Alumni meetings are ideal for networking and establishing relationships with some of the former students of an institution. Finding the right job is easier when an individual has the necessary connections.

High Ranking

A highly-ranked law school increases the competitive advantage of a graduate in the job environment because employers usually associate graduates of such institutions with superior skills in the labor market. For instance, an Ivy League law school graduate has a higher chance of being selected for employment by an organization over a graduate from a non-ivy league law school.

The ranking of institutions usually takes into consideration the available facilities, the qualification of tutors and the learning and research capabilities of the school. A highly ranked law school is, therefore, ideal for obtaining a quality education and training in law. The high ranking also comes with prestige because individuals that attend such law schools command a certain degree of respect in the job environment.

Several institutions offer courses in law. It is, however, crucial to identify the best law school to attend to learn effectively and develop key competencies in the profession. These tips will help you choose the best law school and gain a competitive advantage in the job environment.…