The benefits of law and order in the society can’t be overlooked when it comes to the survival of our community. Without legislation, the society that we live in today would be diverse as everyone would be struggling to take control of their future.

Those with the power of bullying would turn the society into either an anarchical society where people do as they wish or a society on the brink of extinction due to the lack of law and order. This post will shed more daylight on the benefits of law and order in society today.

The perks of law and order

Protection against violence


The existence of law and order in our society makes us overlook the importance of protection from violence. We haveĀ reliable legal systems that protect us from those with an intention to cause us harm. Physical abuse is what leads to murder, torture, rape and other life-threatening situations. Laws are there to protect us from those who want to hurt us. However, they won’t stop those who lack a moral compass. They will only stop those with an intention to start violence because of the consequences that they are likely to face.

Getting rid of child labor

What would you do after wandering into your local supermarket only to find a bunch of minors cleaning the floor and carrying heavy loads around? It’s obvious that you will get shocked. However, after getting shocked the next thing that should cross your mind is how to offer them help. Around the world, people are very enthusiastic to punish those who want to take advantage of children’s rights. That is why there are child laws locally and internationally to protect children’s rights.

Promoting common good

Law and order in our society also promote the common good within the people. Those who respect the law comprehend its significance abide by it and live better lives. Those who follow the law are free to move anywhere they wish while those who break it are mostly punished by taking that freedom away. If you live in peace and harmony with your neighbors, then you are most likely to live a happy life. Nobody wants to exist in a community where next-door-neighbors only have self-interest at heart.

Protection of property

There are laws of the land that have been formulated mainly to protect your property. It’s so sad to hear about cases of senior men and women robbed at gunpoint and families being held hostage in their own house while criminals steal their property that they have worked hard to purchase. The law is there always to ensure that those who break it are held accountable.

Progression of society

klasndlkvnlksandvklnasdvnlaksnvsadvLaw and order contribute to the rapid improvement of a community. It’s only in places with law and order that children can get the education that they need, technology grows to just to mention a few. Without laws set in place to protect these vital services and advancements then the society won’t be able to progress. Lawless states lack legislation and order and thus put the nation at risk because experts like doctors, teachers, among others won’t be working in an environment that allows the progression of the society.